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Winged Fighters
by: Peter Jay
This is a story or news article of an epic battle between two fierce commanders of the sky, the man-made airplane and the parakeet. Would man conquer nature or would he be overcome by it? For years, man has fought against nature, struggling through great natural disasters. Earthquakes have ravaged cities and countries. The sea, rivers, or lakes have risen over their borders to consume, unhindered, any creations of mankind. Volcanoes unstoppable powers have historically buried entire villages in magma and ash. What can save man from the devastation inflicted by nature? What can stand against the floods, the winds, and the fire of nature? Such is the setting of the man-made airplane versus nature’s parakeet.

At first glance, one would think the parakeet would not stand a chance against an airplane, even though it was a radio control airplane. What would lead the parakeet to attack it and destroy? How could such a small and seemingly harmless creature suddenly rise up and reap havoc on its environment. Obviously, then, one would think the airplane would win. It is made out of strong materials. Although it is small, it is still fifty times larger than the little parakeet. What chance would a tiny parakeet have against such a destructive and powerful machine? Perhaps, in this case mankind would overcome its nemesis – Nature.

The airplane model had already made a couple flights. It was struck down by nature twice, once a tree attacked it and tossed it down into the river below. Another time a tree grabbed it in its branches up high, and would not let it go without much struggle. Although the plane was damaged in both instances, it escaped the destructive grasp of nature, scathed, but able to fight on. Perhaps Mother Nature was seeking revenge against the model aircraft, because it failed to destroy it on it first attempts. Perhaps that is why the parakeets were sent.

The battle began when the plane and the parakeets were alone together. No one, not even the radio control model airplane suspected the attack. The attack was swift and merciless. It came without warning. The parakeets feasted on their prey for a long while after the kill. They ate the wings and the tail. The plane did not have a chance. The parakeets pecked its wings to pieces. They shredded it, particle of Styrofoam by particle of Styrofoam, until the model airplane would never fly again.

By the time any witnesses arrived, it was too late. The plane was dead, and its killers stood triumphantly, unscathed from the battle. Mother Nature had won again decisively and confidently won another battle against its weak and powerless opponent, man and his creations. Will man ever win indefinitely, or will he always be subject to forces of nature, tossed around in the whirl wind, attacked by parakeets? Is there no end? Is there no hope? With all of mankind’s advances, he is still devastated by the wind, the water, and the fire.

The moral of this story is to buy a stronger plane, one built out of something other than Styrofoam. A mahogany model airplane is a better bet. It might not fly, because it is not radio control, but at least it looks good. Wooden model airplanes look better than radio control airplanes. They are hand crafted and carefully designed. Parakeets cannot destroy them by pecking them as they did the weak Styrofoam plane. If you are going to get a winged fighter, one that can conquer, or at least not be conquered, by Mother Nature’s winged fighters, than you should invest in a wooden mahogany model aircraft. It will float in the water. It might be blown around in the wind, but could still survive. Sure, the fire could devour it, but, you could always fire coat it or something, or metal or stone plate it, whatever you want.

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