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Save-A-Cig: Your next Cig Snuffer & Saver
by: John Reed
**This is a letter for distributors**

***It is a known fact that smokers are snuffing cigarettes***

Save-A-Cig IS NOT ONLY A CIGARETTE SNUFFER BUT ALSO A CIGARETTE SAVER!! Our product is NEW on the market for your sales and profits. Demand is high for smokers across the US and Canada. Make Save-A-Cig available in your outlets and rake in the profits. Smokers are purchasing Save-A-Cig for suggested retail price of $3.99 up to $5.49. No similar high-quality product has been available until now!!

Save-A-Cig, our quality, convenient and durable product is

Smokers purchase majority of their cigarettes at outlets such as yours and they NEED Save-A-Cig too!! Availability of our counter display in your outlets is the only thing keeping you from sales. Each individual Save-A-Cig is bar-coded.

Save-A-Cig WILL SELL ITS SELF!! Our Cigarette Snuffer & Cigarette Saver is becoming as necessary to a smoker as much as their cigarette lighter!

Visit SaveACig Website to order yours. For Distributors to order for go to the Save-A-Cig Distributor website.

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John Reed is helping distribute Save-A-Cig. It is an amazing product that will save smokers a considerable amount of money. It's also a good product for those whom are attempting to quit smoking or cut back. Check it out by visiting!


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