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Meade Telestar Review DS 60ME
by: Jeremy Hier
This Meade Telestar review features the DS 60ME model. The DS 60ME is equipped with three styles of eyepieces, the H25mm, H12.5mm, and the SR4mm. All these pieces are electronic and will let you view images on your TV. Being able to see celestial images on your television is a lot of fun especially if it is a large screen. Continue reading our Meade Telestar review for further details.

Research for our Meade Telestar review revealed the DS 60ME optical capabilities are very advanced allowing you to see sharp, high contrast objects in the night sky or land. Stars, planets, and the moon can be seen clearly, along with birds and other nature.

The Telestar DS 60ME uses a hi-tech Digital Series mount, both axes have slow motion controls. This enables you to track objects accurately and smoothly. Its equipped with a refractor lens that is 60mm, and its 700mm focal length provides sharp images and incredible contrast. This Meade Telestar review of the DS 60ME telescope gives it a 5 star rating.

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